COVID-19 Updates

“We are living through a very unique and challenging time and yet our priority remains to keep our staff and students safe.”

– Mr. Anthony McHenry, CEO

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Milwaukee Academy of Science school canceled?

Due to COVID-19, School will remain closed until further notice but online school, appropriate for each grade level will continue.

What events are canceled?

At this time, all MAS events are canceled until further notice.

How do Middle Schoolers and High Schoolers access Chrome Books? 

If your student does not have computer access, MAS provided chrome books to all MAS Middle School and High School Students. High School and Middle Schoolers, please text Ms. Jones at 414-406-8135 if you are still in need of a chrome book or are having issues with your chrome book.

What do we do if we need the internet for online classes? 

We encourage families to take advantage that Spectrum offers free internet so students can do classwork at home for an offer of 60 days of Internet access for free. To get internet installed, call Spectrum at 1-844-488-8395. 

How can we receive MAS provided curbside meal services? 

MAS will provide curbside meals for children 18 and under between the hours 7:00-10:00AM. Please contact Ms. Williams 414-406-8131 or Ms. Jones 414-406-8135 for any additional assistance to access meals. We will work to connect you to the nearest site providing meals. 

Will MAS still provided curbside meal services after the order from Gov. Evers calling everyone to stay home (3/23/20)? 

Yes! It is our understanding that our meal program falls under the “essential” category. We will continue to provide meals to all school-age individuals in the community.

Any other meal services that MAS would recommend?

Our partners, Boys and Girls Club will continue offering meal services from 11am -3pm.

Daniels Mardak Club

4834 N. 35th St.

LaVarnway Club

2739 N. 15th St.


1975 S. 24th St.

Fitzsimonds Club
– 3400 W. North Avenue (service does not begin until March 30th)

*St. Joseph Academy Club is discontinuing meal service beginning, Monday, 3/23.*

Beginning, Wednesday, March 25th Boys & Girl’s Club will be distributing grocery bags containing enough food for 3 days:  3 breakfasts, 3 lunches and 3 dinners for kids and teens 18 years of age and younger. 

Beginning, Monday, March 30th Boys & Girls Club will be distributing grocery bags containing food for 5 days. 5 breakfasts, 5 lunches, and 5 dinners.

*Boys & Girls Club meal service continuation plan will continue to evolve.*

Check out Milwaukee Neighborhood Services resource guide as well:

Where can elementary students find enrichment work packets? 

Enrichment work packets are available at the MAS curbside meals for elementary students.

How do I update my contact information that MAS has? 

If you are not receiving our school Alerts via phone, text, or email, please send an email to your youngest child’s Administrative Assistant with your current info and they will be able to change it for all of your children. Elementary School, Jessica Cruz, Junior Academy at Elizabeth Santiago and High School Tashonda Perkins at

Do you have questions about how to use Google Classroom?

Click on this link which will provide greater detail about google classroom:

It tells me that I need a google classroom code, how do I get one? 

Please contact Ms. Jones at 414-406-8135 if you need access to HS google classroom codes.

Any other questions about google classes?

Teachers will regularly respond daily to e-mail if students need help. We encourage students to stay in frequent communication with teachers.

Are the Boys & Girls Club still offering programming? 

Visit to learn more about further plans. 

CDC Resources

What you need to know:

How to protect yourself:

What to do if you feel sick:

Quarantine Holistic Support Resources

Urban Underground is periodically hosting virtual meetings for youth organizers.
Discovery World live streaming from the aquarium.
Signature Dance is live streaming online dance classes.
Urban Underground is periodically hosting virtual meetings for youth organizers.
America’s Black Holocaust Museum tour from the comfort of their homes.
Milwaukee County Zoo is also doing a live stream of its animals.
SuperCook – Phone Application that helps you identify meals with the ingredients you have at home.
Planet Fitness Is Offering Free Online Workouts on Facebook Live
How to be Successful in Online School by Nazjaa

Coronavirus Update (3/26/20): Safer at Home Memo

Coronavirus Update (3/13/20): Coronavirus Information letter staff and families

Coronavirus Update (3/11/20): Coronavirus Information letter staff and families

Notice of Educational Options, School and District Accountability Reports, and Notice of Special Needs Voucher Program

Per section 118.57 of Wisconsin State Statute, the Milwaukee Academy of Science is required to annually notify parents of the educational options available to children who reside in the school district. Said options and applicable links to a current listing of educational options are available below.

Milwaukee Academy of Science

State Virtual Schools including those listed at –

Full-time Open Enrollment

Wisconsin Parental Choice Program –

Home-Based Private Education

School and District Accountability Reports:

The most recent School and District Accountability Reports are always available at the link below. 2015 Wisconsin Act 20 prohibits the Department of Public Instruction from issuing accountability reports based on data from the 2014-15 school year.

Notice of Special Needs Voucher Program:

Per 15.7915 of Wisconsin State Statute, the Milwaukee Academy of Science is required to annually notify families of students with disabilities of the Special Needs Voucher Program available to children who reside in the school district. This program was created under Wisconsin Act 55 and began with the 2016-17 school year. The applicable link to further information is available below.