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High Expectations

Class of 2018: 100% of class graduated, 100% accepted into post-secondary institution & $3.1 million earned in scholarships.

Regardless of student background and external factors, MAS maintains the expectation that students should be on grade level and proficient on state assessments.

Teachers are expected to plan and prepare rigorous lessons as well as communicate and collaborate with staff and parents.

High School Special Education Teacher

Teaching Positions for the 2019-20 School Year

Open positions ongoing are posted on always posted on WECAN (licensed positions) and MilwaukeeJobs (support positions). Please submit your resume through the Wisconsin Education Career Access Network or

Substitute teachers and paraprofessionals/educational assistants are employed through the substitute staffing services, Teachers On Call (TOC) and Parallel Employment Group.  Both agencies recruit substitutes year-round. To apply to TOC, please follow this link to complete a formal application: For questions about TOC, please contact a Wisconsin TOC coordinator at 800-713-4439.  To apply to Parallel, please follow this link to complete a formal application:  For questions about Parallel, please contact a Parallel coordinator at 414-727-3131.