Why MAS?

As part of our mission, Milwaukee Academy of Science strives to keep up with the ever changing world of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). Here at MAS, students are able to expand on their understanding of these critical fields of study as they prepare for real world opportunities. We equip students with the necessary skills to be change makers within MAS and the greater community.


As one of the few public K-12 schools in the Milwaukee area, Milwaukee Academy of Science is able to impact our scholars since the beginning of their educational journey. We witness students growing, changing and learning in and outside the classroom over the years. Within every graduating class there are students who have been with MAS since K-4, this is something to be proud of.

At Milwaukee Academy of Science we understand that a good foundation and sense of belonging is essential to development and academic success. As a K-12 school it is important that students feel as though there is a place for them to be themselves. We encourage mentorship, friendship, and relationship building in order for our students and faculty to truly be part of MAS. These are some of the reasons why many families recommend us to their friends and relatives.