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Websites that help you find money:

Click on these links and explore the websites to find scholarship opportunities.

Money GeekCappexCollege BoundUnigoStudent Scholarship EduBirdie
EmbarkFastwebAny College FreschinfoWired Scholar  

How to Request a Transcript:

If the student is currently enrolled at MAS the transcript must be requested from the High School Counselor, Virginia (Ginny) Dubinski If the student no longer attends MAS please email the High School Administrative Assistant, Toshanda Perkins, or call 933-0302 x1500.

Please allow at least 2 business days to process and send your transcript.


All students are required to take the ACT at least twice in order to walk at graduation, once during their junior year and once during their senior year. If a student receives Free/Reduced Lunch they are eligible for 2 fee waivers, which are provided by Mrs Dubinski. If a student does not receive Free/Reduced Lunch the cost of the ACT is $49.50 for the no writing option and $58.50 for the writing option.

To register go to www.actstudent.org. Please speak with your School Counselor if you have any questions.

2020-21 Test Dates

Sep 12th, 13th
& 19th
August 14, 2020-none-
Oct 10th, 17th,
24th & 25th
September 17th-none-
Dec 12thNovember 6thNov 7th-20th
Feb 6th, 2021January 8th, 2021Jan 9th-15th
April 17thMarch 12thMarch 13th – 26th
June 12thMay 7thMay 8th-21th
July 17thJune 18thJune 19th-25th

Study Resources

ACT Website  Zinch Prep Factory   

2020 Class Decision Day Video