High School

Due to Water Damage, the High School is located at an alternative address:

πŸ“ 2156 S. 4th Street Milwaukee, WI 53207
πŸ“ž HS Main Office Number: 414-698-9740

Dear MAS parents,

The repair of our high school building will take several weeks, so we have found an alternative location to operate from so that we can resume normal instruction. We will be occupying an empty school building located at 2156 S. 4th Street Milwaukee, WI 53207. It is just 9 minutes away from our building. All 9th – 12th graders will be attending the alternate location.

We plan to be at this alternate site for the rest of January. Our hope is to be back at MAS by the end of January or the first full week of February.  Currently we have over 100 workers on site with most working 16 hour shifts to get us back to MAS asap. 

So how will this work? Students will arrive at the MAS campus in the morning as normal and then will be bussed to the alternative location. At the end of the day, the buses will bring students back to the MAS campus so they can be dismissed as normal. 

Students who are dropped off in the morning should arrive between 7:55am-8:15am. Students who walk to the MAS campus will be provided transportation to the alternative site during this time. Students may drive themselves to the new campus if that is their transportation preference. It is imperative that students arrive on time to school so that they can ride the buses over to the new site. If students arrive at MAS late, we will provide transportation to the 4th street site. 

Parents, please be patient with us. We will provide you with a phone line and our emails will still be the same. It will be extremely complicated to arrange for early pick up unless it is an absolute emergency. Students will return to campus for their normal 3:30pm dismissal time. 

There are no lockers in the space. Students are encouraged to only bring the bare minimum outside of school essentials. We will still be using the cell phone pouches. School breakfast and lunches will be served as normal. 

Please note–attendance is expected from all scholars. As of Thursday, Jan 12th, school has resumed for all. Our teachers are working to provide the same quality education that our students and parents expect from MAS in this new location. 

We look forward to seeing you on Thursday, Jan 12th. 

If questions arise, please email our Principal, Dr. Craddock at tcraddock@mascience.orgwith questions or reply to this email.

Thank you all,

MAS Administration

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