Junior Academy

During Junior Academy, crucial topics are meant to be discussed in greater and greater depth each year.

Building on the solid foundation provided by the Elementary Academy, our Junior Academy students continue to excel in a high quality hands-on STEM environment. In the sixth, seventh and eighth grades, the science classes focus on the content that all scientifically literate adults should know. The students also participate in a thorough preparation in engineering through the five units of the Gateway to Technology portion of the internationally-successful Project Lead the Way pre-engineering program.

Sixth Grade

  • Robotics and the Engineering Process
  • Biomes and Climate
  • Geology and the Earth

Seventh Grade

  • Engineering Design & Electronics
  • Motion & Energy
  • Earth History

Eighth Grade

  • Applications in Engineering
  • Foundations of Chemistry
  • Cell Biology

Classroom Environment

Our middle school classrooms are designed to encourage students to question the things they see around them, to think critically about the explanations people use to describe why things happen, and to generate their own explanations based on teacher-guided explorations.

Field Experiences

As many students begin to narrow their interests and to target what they want to be at this age, our field experiences tend to center on career exploration in these grades.  We also maintain the environmental awareness which is such a strong aspect of the younger grades.  This includes:

  • Biomedical Science Club
  • SMART Team – a protein research and modeling team
  • 6th and 8th Grade Camping at Camp Whitcomb-Mason
  • 7th Grade Camping at Trees for Tomorrow