Medical College of Wisconsin

The Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW) is one of the nation’s premier medical education and research facilities.  Our students explore the preparation for rigorous graduate level work in the sciences through meetings and talks with MCW faculty and students, tours of their facilities, and through MCW’s generous donation of volunteers and equipment.  More specifically, first- and second-year medical students can join an interest group in which they mentor our middle school students.  This group, called the Partnership for Urban Medical Education and Advancement (PUMA), meets with a volunteer group of sixth through eighth graders to explore the skills, knowledge, and experiences needed in the biomedical sciences.  Beginning this year, we will incorporate discussions and activities led by members of the MCW community concerned about diversity issues in the health sciences.

Friends of Boerner Botanical Garden (FBBG)

The 2012-2013 school year will be the first year to partner with Boerner Botanical Gardens in an effort to increase student’s awareness of the natural world around them. Third graders will take part in several outdoor experiences on site at the gardens.


Urban Ecology Center (UEC)

UEC is a neighborhood based environmental education  organization that believes in giving “unique urban sanctuaries” for neighborhood school children. The center’s staff provide adult mentorship, and safe and repeated contact with nature. It is our goal to provide frequent exposure that will help to nurture environmental awareness in our youth of tomorrow.