We Teach Science.
Engage. Explore. Explain. Evaluate. Extend.


This is an important time for children to explore the world around them, and science is an integral part. Children pick up a rock or a plant and wonder what it is. We strive to nurture this sense of curiosity with exploratory activities that encourage children to ask What, Where, When and How questions to make sense of the natural and physical world.

  • Learn about Weather and Motion
  • Hands on Exploration and Experimenting
  • Life Science

Primary (Grades 1-2)

We build on the science foundation of exploration and ask more specific questions.

  • Focus on Plants, Animals and Ecosystems
  • Science and Literacy Connections
  • Scientific Method

Intermediate (Grades 3-5)

  • Scientific Process and Inquiry
  • Stewardship and Community Connections
  • Activities, Investigation, Technology
  • Life, Physical and Earth Science

Classroom Environment

It is our commitment and promise to our students to foster their inherent sense of wonder, their ability to question and accept, and to provide opportunities to investigate science…

Link: Journey North

Field Experiences/In School Experiences

We strive to expose our students to a variety of valuable experiences, both on-site and off-site through the use of field experiences: