Instructional Model

Inside Our Classrooms

Large Group Teaching

Small Group Teaching

One on One Teaching

What sets MAS apart….

Our elementary education teachers are specialized, in ELA, Social Studies, Math and Science so that teachers share their love for their favorite subject to their students.

In each of our elementary classrooms, we have teaching teams, which allow greater opportunity for moments of authentic teacher/student connections and genuine learning to occur! 

We balance high expectations with genuine empathy and care to foster social emotional and academic learning for all students to prepare them for successful careers.

With our STEM focus, strive to nurture this sense of curiosity with exploratory activities that encourage children to ask What, Where, When and How questions.

“I’m the grandmother of one of the students. I’ve been caring for him since the school closed and I’ve been impressed with his teacher’s engagement with me during this process. I also like the way they are keeping the students engaged with each other. Kudos to you all!!!” – Ms. Givens