Day in the Life: Quision Harrell

More about Quision Harrell…Quision started at MAS in K4 and is graduating in a few short months.  Quision, currently, is putting all of his energy into school, work and Black Student Union. After leaving MAS during his sophomore year, Quision found himself at a high school with incredibly low academic expectations. It was then that he knew that he needed… Read more »

Day in the Life: Dakota Jones

About Dakota…Dakota Jones started at MAS in K4 and is now a HS senior. She is the captain of her cheer team and is a classroom leader. Losing her aunt, her Grandma, and her uncle have been some of the biggest challenges for Dakota. Yet, she believes in her education and appreciates MAS teachers loving… Read more »

Day in the Life of Parent Charles James III

About Charles “Ant”  James IIIMr. James is currently a fourth-grade Special Education teacher for Milwaukee Public Schools. With his fiancée Shay, he is a parent of seven children, the three oldest being students that attend MAS (7th Grader Nyzhaya Scott-James, 7th Shaniya Woods & 4th Grader Qimora Woods Tolefree). Charles is a tremendous family-oriented man. God, love, family, knowledge,… Read more »

Day in the Life: Tristen Porter

More about Tristen…Tristen Porter is an 8th-grade student who has been at MAS since 1st grade. He sees himself as a role model, as he should, especially as he has been on High Honor Roll EVERY YEAR of his academic career! His favorite color is royal blue. He is tall for a 13-year-old, standing at… Read more »

Day in the Life of HaVannah Goggans

HaVannah BreAnn Goggans is a first grader at Milwaukee Academy of Science. HaVannah is the youngest of seven siblings who have enthusiastically attended MAS. Her Mom is a chef and father works for UPS. HaVannah’s likes watching movies with her family, dancing and taking pictures, and playing her brother’s video games. A fun story about… Read more »

Day in the Life: Ms. Ghee

About Ms. Ghee…Ms. Ghee has been MAS’ 8th grade Science Teacher for 3 years. A mantra that is getting Ms. Ghee through this demanding time is “ I can and I will because others are depending on me”. In fact, Ms. Ghee has many depending on her as she juggles virtual learning with four wonderful… Read more »

Day in the Life: YeIvanna Taylor Watkins

More about YeIvanna…When asked to describe herself, 12th grader YeIvanna Taylor-Watkin said she is not an average kid. She has been in foster care five times since she was 3 months old and currently lives in a group home. She recalls that at age 12, she made a decision about who she wanted to be…. Read more »

Kaylin’s Impact

Numerous MAS Staff joined a zoom call on Tuesday Night for the Wisconsin Association of Child & Youth Care Professionals (WACYCP) Youth Worker of the Year Award Show. This year was special, not just because it was a zoom call. It was special because our beloved Kaylin Jones was honored who passed away in June… Read more »

From the Desk Of Mr. McHenry

Dear “extended family” of MAS,As I planned for August 31st, the start of the 2020-21 school year, I had to consider the challenges the spring and summer brought to our country and city; specifically to Black and Brown families and children growing up in poverty. COVID-19 provides a painful reminder that issues in our country become crises… Read more »

Summer School Success

We want to congratulate our phenomenal students for completing virtual summer school! Thank you to our Summer School Partners, City Forward Collective & the National Summer School Initiative for funding our summer program. Our five-week Summer program provided four hours of daily instruction to our 3rd-6th grade scholars. Virtual summer school continued our students’ academic… Read more »