Day in the Life: Quision Harrell

More about Quision Harrell…Quision started at MAS in K4 and is graduating in a few short months.  Quision, currently, is putting all of his energy into school, work and Black Student Union. After leaving MAS during his sophomore year, Quision found himself at a high school with incredibly low academic expectations. It was then that he knew that he needed… Read more »

Day in the Life: Dakota Jones

About Dakota…Dakota Jones started at MAS in K4 and is now a HS senior. She is the captain of her cheer team and is a classroom leader. Losing her aunt, her Grandma, and her uncle have been some of the biggest challenges for Dakota. Yet, she believes in her education and appreciates MAS teachers loving… Read more »

Day in the Life of Parent Charles James III

About Charles “Ant”  James IIIMr. James is currently a fourth-grade Special Education teacher for Milwaukee Public Schools. With his fiancée Shay, he is a parent of seven children, the three oldest being students that attend MAS (7th Grader Nyzhaya Scott-James, 7th Shaniya Woods & 4th Grader Qimora Woods Tolefree). Charles is a tremendous family-oriented man. God, love, family, knowledge,… Read more »

Impact Report

We are really excited to announce that we released our very first Impact Report to the public. You can find it here: We feel it’s a great representation of our unique educational model and the amazing success of our school this year. We hope you will make time to read it.

Mr. Anthony McHenry’s Statement of Support

To the Milwaukee Academy of Science (MAS) Community: I greet you with profound anger and sorrow over the senseless death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police officers. I am equally disturbed at the continued systematic biases and institutional racism that makes police brutality and injustices in the criminal system a frequent occurrence…. Read more »

MAS Named Community Partner of the Year by Marquette University!

Marquette University Office of Community Engagement… the feeling is mutual. Thanks for being a great neighbor and naming us your Community Partner of the Year! Article: Marquette Celebrates Inaugural Community Engagement Symposium by honoring professors, organizations