Day in the Life: Dakota Jones

About Dakota...Dakota Jones started at MAS in K4 and is now a HS senior. She is the captain of her cheer team and is a classroom leader. Losing her aunt, her Grandma, and her uncle have been some of the biggest challenges for Dakota. Yet, she believes in her education and appreciates MAS teachers loving her and pushing her toward a brighter future. Dakota has currently been accepted into more than thirteen schools including Mississippi State, Jackson State, Mount Mary, UW-Eau Claire, UW Milwaukee, Carroll University, and more! Dakota hopes to be a social worker to create better lives for children in foster care.

Day in the Life
8:00 am: I wake up, brush my teeth, wash my face & get dressed to jump on my class call.
8:20 am: I grab a granola bar for breakfast to eat while I’m in class.
8:25 am: My first hour starts. I do my work for Pre-Calculus with Ms. Udovich. I generally like math so it isn’t too hard once I get a hang of it.
9:15 am: I take a break and finish my Pre-Calculus work for the day.
9:45 am: My second hour starts and I do my work for AP Lit & Comp with Mr. Bell. We did a writing assignment about space exploration will shape our lives moving forward.
10:35 am: My second hour ends then I find something leftover mac & cheese and a brat until the next class. I feed my Pitbull Princess and take her outside.  
11:35 am: My third-hour starts and I participate in Physical Education with Mr. Hansen. Today we did a yoga video which is easier than the other videos. I don’t like exercise much.
12:25 pm: I take a break, laying in bed, and watch a show.
12:55 pm: I continue the video for Physical Education with Mr. Hansen.
1:45 pm: I shower, brush my teeth, and do my hair to get ready for work at Walmart. I work 30 hours a week at Walmart and around 8 hours a week at Children’s Place.
3:00 pm: I make sure I have my bag packed with my Walmart vest & mask before I leave.
3:30 pm: I leave home and I drive to work.
4:00 pm: I get to work, clock in, and start working as a cashier.
6:00 pm: I take my first break for 15 minutes, I watch a bit of my shows.
6:15 pm: I start putting out new merchandise around the store.
8:00 pm: I take my lunch 30 minutes. I am feeling quite tired so I sit down and rest.
10:00 pm: I finish up anything last minute folding shirts and clock out for the night.
11:00 pm: I usually am settled in at home by then and shower and after that, I eat and catch up on the seasons of Station 19 until I go to sleep.