Day in the Life of HaVannah Goggans

HaVannah BreAnn Goggans is a first grader at Milwaukee Academy of Science. HaVannah is the youngest of seven siblings who have enthusiastically attended MAS. Her Mom is a chef and father works for UPS. HaVannah’s likes watching movies with her family, dancing and taking pictures, and playing her brother’s video games. A fun story about HaVannah is that her brother used to motivate her to do push ups for fruit snacks. During virtual learning, HaVannah misses her teachers and friends, especially recess with her friends. She has fun in virtual learning because she has a classroom in her house with desks and posters on their walls, and especially loves the days when her Mom takes her on COVID safe field trips.

7:00 am: I wake up, brush teeth, wash my face and change out of my jammies. 

7:20 am: My sisters help me clean my room while my Mom makes me breakfast. 

7:40 am: I eat pancakes with an orange and milk for breakfast. 

8:00 am:  I log into the morning meeting and do the calendar and weather. I really like it when the teacher calls on me and love being in class. But to help me especially focus, sometimes my Mom gives me a reward of goldfish to stay attentive. 

8:30 am: I log into SEL, here we learn about how to be a good friend! 

8:45 am: I start math class where we learn to count ten friends and how to add and subtract.

10:30 am: I go into science class where we learn about ways to take care of our earth.

11:00 am: I get out of class and work on my Zearn lesson while my Mom makes me my favorite peanut butter and jelly sandwich, goldfish crackers, cheese sticks and juice. 

11:30 am: I go out to the porch and see what the weather is like, it is cold with lots of snow today!

12:00 pm:  I go to ELA with Ms Popple where I learn about phonics, how to write a complete sentence, and identifying key details of stories.

1:00 pm: I have a break in zoom calls. I get tired so I take a nap. 

1:45 pm I get up from resting my brain and have a cup of water and an apple. 

2:00 pm: I have a last virtual call with Ms. Schooeller and say goodbye to my friends on zoom. 

2:30 pm: I work on my homework and an ABC Mouse Game which is both fun and helps me learn!

3:00 pm: My sister and I take turns reading Dr. Seuss’ One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

3:30 pm: I make sure I put away my school supplies or everything is organized for the next day and take selfies with my mom’s phone with my Arianna Grande sandals. 

4:00 pm: I play Uno with my brother.  

5:00 pm: I help my Mom wash dishes, rinsing noodles as she gets dinner ready. 

6:30 pm: I eat a delicious dinner of pasta, green beans, cornbread and cake for dessert with my family. 

7:30 pm: I have my bath and hop into my jammies. 

8:00 pm: My sister and I take turns watching our favorite movies. Tonight we’ll watch Jingle Jangle with popcorn too!

9:30 pm: Bedtime! I brush my teeth, kiss my parent’s goodnight and snuggle into my bed with my stuffed tiger.