Day in the Life: Quision Harrell

More about Quision Harrell…Quision started at MAS in K4 and is graduating in a few short months.  Quision, currently, is putting all of his energy into school, work and Black Student Union. After leaving MAS during his sophomore year, Quision found himself at a high school with incredibly low academic expectations. It was then that he knew that he needed to return to MAS to not only get a great education but he also knew that he felt more love and support at MAS than any other school. Quision returned during the 2020-2021 school year and knows he is blessed to be able graduate from the same place he started. Quision plans to go to UW-Milwaukee after his senior year. He received a grant for a real estate agent program. 

6:00 am – I wake up and go to Planet Fitness for a workout.
7:45 am – After the workout, I go to Wendy’s drive-thru. I get two wedge fries, a bacon & cheese biscuit, and orange juice (to top it off!)
8:10 am -Now, I am back at home and it’s time to shower and get ready. I stared at my shoe collection, in my closet, and decided which fresh kicks to wear.
8:45 am: I might be a little late, but I log into my online Spanish class with Ms. Strove and we learn how to conjugate Spanish verbs. During Virtual, sometimes I am in the bed and sometimes I am at the table.
10 am: I log into my Math class with Mr. Tuescher and do some algebra review.
11:05 am – Now it’s time to play 2K Video Games for a little. I get hungry so I made a burger and eat it for lunch.
11:35 am – I log onto science class with Mr. Leon, my next virtual class. We are learning about aquaculture and how to make a better life for marine animals.
12:55 pm -I go to physics class with Mr. Baylor. We talk about Newton’s Law. This is my last class of the day.
2:00 pm -This is my time to hoop with my brothers in my backyard.  We need to get our energy out.
3:45 pm -Because I am the president, I am now getting ready for my BSU meeting.
4:00 pm – I am all set for my hour-long BSU meeting. During this meeting, we talk about a lot of different things from the logo to projects. Currently, we are working on a talent show. Today, this meeting went a little long.
5:00 pm –This is the best time of day, I am linking up with the fellas. We go to one of my friend’s houses.
7:30 pm -I take a few minutes to watch Snowfall before I walk my dog.
8:00 pm -I take the dog for a walk.
9:00 pm -It is finally time for me to eat some pizza for dinner.
9:30 pm -I play 2K again before I go to bed.
10:30 pm -Time to sleep.