Day in the Life: Tristen Porter

More about Tristen…Tristen Porter is an 8th-grade student who has been at MAS since 1st grade. He sees himself as a role model, as he should, especially as he has been on High Honor Roll EVERY YEAR of his academic career! His favorite color is royal blue. He is tall for a 13-year-old, standing at 5’8”(check out the pictures)! He likes playing video games and football with friends. He likes to eat a lot, his favorite meals are…everything. Lastly, Tristan wants everyone to know that he really likes sleeping to keep him energized for the excellence he brings to the classroom.

9:30 am: I get up. I brush my teeth and get dressed. I eat my eggs and pancakes that I made. 

10:00 am: I log in into my first class SEL with my teacher Ms. Ghee. We play “Would You Rather?” to wake us up and then we talk about the “Inside Out” movie. Ms. Ghee gave us 12 questions and we are supposed to answer five of them. One of them is how do all of our feelings relate to each other? And I think they do because they all relate by having their part to do in our minds.

10:30 am: I go to science class today with Ms. Ghee. We are doing a project about animals with receptors. Someone chooses a salamander who sweats blood out of their eyes. I did an angler fish because I was thinking of Finding Nemo and no one else was doing it. 

11:45 am: It is my lunch break. My stepdad cooks me a burger with tomato and lettuce and french fries for me for lunch. 

12:15 pm: Today I go to math class with Ms. Glaude. We are working in line graphs with linear formulas like the slope formulas y=mx +b. My lunch was good so it was hard to stay awake.

1:30 pm: I have a break so I catch up on work. I didn’t finish my google slide in Ms. Ghee’s class, so I finish it.  

2:00 pm:   I go to ELA & History Class with Ms. Pradarelli and Mr. Albers.

3:00 pm: It is my turn to take care of my dog Blue. My Mom named her because she has blue eyes. She is 6 months old. So I make sure she has food, water and I take her out to go to the bathroom. 

3:30 pm: I work on my test for ELA during this time. It has 41 questions and it is due next week.

4:15 pm: Then I get Blue from outside and watch an Anime show called One Piece. 

5:30 pm: I call my friend across the street who has a Siberian Husky. Blue is a Blue Nosed Pitbull Terror. We both walk our dogs around 3 blocks together. 

6:00 pm: We get back from our walk. After that, Blue is usually sleepy so we take a nap for a good hour or so. 

7:00 pm: I wake up and eat dinner. My stepdad made lasagna and little cheese pizzas. 

7:30 pm: My Mom takes Blue now. I do my chores so I clean the bathroom.

7:45 pm: I would play Cold War and Apex legends with my friends until I go to sleep which is around 12:00 am.