Day in the Life: YeIvanna Taylor Watkins

More about YeIvanna…
When asked to describe herself, 12th grader YeIvanna Taylor-Watkin said she is not an average kid. She has been in foster care five times since she was 3 months old and currently lives in a group home. She recalls that at age 12, she made a decision about who she wanted to be. She wanted to be ambitious. YeIvanna consistently impresses us at MAS with her smile and bright energy. She is always teaching herself things from how to do gymnastics, to how to knit, braid her own hair, draw and sew. YeIvanna wants to go to UW-Oshkosh for something in the medical field, either Obstetrician, dermatologist, or cardiologist and hopes to play gymnastics, track or field or swim.

Day in the Life….

7:30​: Alarm goes off.

7:35​: Shower, brush teeth, wash face, dress, straighten room, & eat fruit loops for breakfast, watch YouTube while lying in bed.

8:55: Get out of bed to sit at the desk in my room. Log into Mrs. Udovich’s Trigonometry Zoom class where were talking about “Circle-ometry.

9:45: Finish my math homework and watch a youtube video. 

10:10: Get ready for my AP Literature and Composition Zoom class with Mr. Bell and talk about understanding Shakespeare’s English language.

11:00 am: Do my StudySync work for Mr. Bell’s class because I don’t like being behind on work.

11:45 am: Eat apple, banana and yogurt, just something that won’t have my stomach growling.

12:00 pm: Go back upstairs to my room and sit at my desk to get ready for my Senior Seminar class with Mr. Hansen and Mrs. Dubinski. We have Malik from Marquette come in about why we should consider going to their college.

12:50 pm: No homework today so I go on Amazon to just browse things to put on my wishlist.
1:15 pm: At this time I begin to get ready for my US History Zoom class with Mr. Ward, we’re writing a paper about slavery from the “Amistad” movie.

2:05 pm: I go over to my sister’s house to see my nephews.

3:55 pm: Go home, grab my Chromebook charger and my Chromebook from upstairs, bring it downstairs and put it on the charger for later in the day.

4:00 pm: I go upstairs to my room because this is what my home calls “Me Time,” so we have to be in our rooms for an hour. So what I do in my room is draw, crochet, sleep, or write poems.

5:00 pm: Eat Dinner and clean up the dining room after dinner.

6:00 pm: No leftover work from school so lie in my bed to watch “All American” on Netflix.

8:00 pm: I hop off of my chrome book to go and watch TV because if you are close up to a screen like my chrombook and try to go to sleep afterwards, you won’t go to sleep as quickly.

8:50 pm: I go upstairs to brush my teeth, wash my face, and change into my pajamas, and by 9 p.m. I am in my bed, with the radio playing music, going to sleep.