Grunau’s Legacy of Leadership

Gary Grunau

“Gary worked tirelessly to invigorate institutions throughout Milwaukee to nurture, cultivate, and inspire some of our greatest minds.” 1

We are sad to announce that Gary Grunau passed away on Wednesday, September 25th, 2019 after his long battle with brain cancer. Gary was one of the founding board members of Milwaukee Academy of Science and Board President for the last four years. Gary was a champion for Milwaukee Academy of Science scholars, a cheerleader for our staff and one of MAS’ most loyal donors.

During Milwaukee Academy of Science’s Thursday morning session in service, MAS Chief Executive Officer Anthony McHenry led a moment of silence in condolences for Gary’s family and loved ones. In that silent moment, we lifted up Gary’s servant leadership. We honored his family and all those he connected to in his 80 years on this earth. MAS commits to uphold and continue being a part of Gary’s legacy to nurture, cultivate and inspire Milwaukee’s minds.

Please join us in remembering Gary Grunau’s life and legacy by reading and reflecting upon his obituary here:

1 Gary P. Grunau Obituary. 2019. Milwaukee Journal Sentinal, September 26-29.