Mr. Anthony McHenry’s Statement of Support

To the Milwaukee Academy of Science (MAS) Community:

I greet you with profound anger and sorrow over the senseless death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police officers. I am equally disturbed at the continued systematic biases and institutional racism that makes police brutality and injustices in the criminal system a frequent occurrence.

In response, I support the African American community and those that support peaceful protest, the Black Lives Matter movement, and equality and equity for all. I will speak truth to power while supporting our scholars and families toward fulfilling their personal goals and I will continue to fight against systematic racism and the laws and violence that occur as a result.

As a school that serves over 1,100 African American students, we are greatly concerned by these issues that plague our Milwaukee community and include educational inequities. As such, we support peaceful protest and individuals and organizations that work for equality.  In addition, we will be a safe haven for our scholars, will use equitable practices, and provide a quality education with love, respect and kindness; as we aspire for the world around us to do the same. 

—Anthony McHenry, CEO